Ms. Kirsten Watson
1 on 1 private English tutor

Are you an adult learner looking for a friendly, qualified, and unique tutor in the Toronto area to help you feel comfortable and confident about your English?

I’m the right English tutor for you, whether you are an ESL student or a native English speaker!

I am extra patient and extra kind :) I really care about my students. I will go above and beyond for you.

My ‘conversation-style’ lessons are very relaxed so you can improve your confidence. Lessons can be at my house (in my studio) or somewhere nearby (library or cafe). YOU choose where and what you want to learn.

I will design personal, custom lessons just for YOUR needs, and I will help you meet YOUR English goals. I have special training in pronunciation, grammar, Canadian culture, and adult education.

If you want to improve your English, I can help you!

First 1 hour lesson is FREE!
Lesson packages/discounts available
Located in the Yonge & Eglinton area

Questions? Email me at